The program is designed for students, kindergarten through fifth grade. DDSEC staff use a variety of innovative strategies to engage students while encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning. There is a strong emphasis on academic excellence as we work with students to focus on their strengths and learn prosocial skills. The mission of DDSEC is to provide a rigorous academic curriculum in a safe, supportive, therapeutic environment that encourages students to achieve their academic best while becoming productive citizens in their school and community.

Through MTSS (multi tiered system of supports) implementation, we have established a positive learning environment by creating consistent expectations throughout the building. Students are encouraged to develop self-management and coping skills that allow them to maintain a positive self-concept. In addition to working with students’ attendance schools, DDSEC staff collaborate with outside agencies to provide students and families with additional services. DDSEC staff members are excited to partner with parents, students, agencies, as well as the students’ attendance school to assist students to realize their fullest potential academically and socially.